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RR CUSTOMS Interior Dressing 1L – Препарат за интериор

29 ,00 лв.

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APC is a universal cleaning agent. Highly concentrated, with a neutral pH for indoor and outdoor use. Deeply penetrates, breaks down and cleans dirt, grease and difficult stains. APC binds dirt to create an easy-to-remove suspension. Gently cleans rugs, upholstery, soffits, vinyls, leather, body, tires, chassis, engine compartments and much more. APC does not leave any traces of chemicals, discoloration, odor or corrosive fumes. Safe for the cleaned surface.


Shake the bottle before application.

When cleaning the vehicle from outside, make sure that the bodywork is cool and that the vehicle is in the shade before applying.

Test the product in an unseen place.

Dilute the concentrate with water (about 1: 4 in heavy soiling, 1:10 in light soiling).

Apply the solution to the surface to be cleaned.

Leave the APC for 10-60 seconds to penetrate the dirt and spread it over the surface.

Cleaners emulsify stains allowing surfactants to unblock dirt from the fabric and bind it to the liquid.

Wipe the surface with a clean cloth or rinse with water.

If necessary, repeat the cleaning process.


Do not let APC dry on the surface during application.

Store in a cool, dry place at 5 – 25 C.




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